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Factors to Consider in Getting a General Contractor License

Not everyone can be a contractor, however, those who want to get a general contractor license need to be aware of the steps they need to follow before they become licensed general contractors. The application process mainly involves examination and supporting paperwork that includes legal residency, experience in the area of specialization as well as the criminal records. If you want to get a general contractor license, the following tips will guide you in the process.

If you want to get a license, you need to know the license class that you belong. The license class that a general contractor will belong is determined by the value of projects the candidate will be taking. Many times, class C contractors are known to limited to working on projects that are ten thousand dollars or less. On the other hand, class B contractors take projects that are up to two hundred thousand dollars. General contractors who belong to class A can work on projects of any value. Here are some of the rules that general contractors need to know when applying for licenses.

The insurance and fees requirements tend to vary in every class, therefore, candidates need to know them when applying for licenses. Another thing you need to know is that when you decide to work on jobs that are not in your class, is a violation of the regulations and legal actions can result.

In addition to knowing your class, it is vital to choose the area of specialty that is of interest to you. The following are some of the categories of general contractors projects, these include demolition closets, concrete, boiler, awnings, appliances, among others.

If you want to get a license, you will have to name and register your company. For the local authority to register your company, they need to have details of your company, including the name and physical address. However, when naming your company, you need to ensure that the name is unique and that it not already taken. The local authority will provide you with an online database where you can check to see if the name you have selected is not yet taken.

Once you have the name, you will be required to take a set of examinations that you must pass before being issued a license. The exams are composed of different topics relating to the department one has selected.

In addition to passing the examination test, you must also pass a criminal background check. In order to get the license, you need to complete the background check according to the instructions provided by your state. Now that you have gone through the previous tests, it is vital to submit the test results to the body responsible with licensing of general contractors. When you obverse these steps, you can be assured of getting a licensed.

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