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Advice for Startups

There is a 50% chance your startup business will not make it past its infancy stage. This calls for you to watch what decisions you make when you start out. A strong foundation shall help you get through the initial stages. Your marketing also needs to be done right if you are to escape the trap of the regular.
You need to define your business separate from the competition. People need to see a reason why they should pick you over other businesses out there. As much as you may trade in the same products and services, yours need to be uniquely presented or executed.
It is important to study the customer. You most likely will have researched extensively into the kind of business you prepare to launch in the market. The same dedication to detail and process needs to be directed at the people you opened the business to serve. You need to base your moves on them, not them on you. It is therefore important to study thoroughly more about the target customers. People make the mistake of assuming they know enough. The internet is a great place to do such research. It is also wise to talk to friends, family, and other people and gather their views and recommendations.
You then need to test the concept before the official launch. This is what will help gather more info about what is good about it and what needs to be altered. Social media serves this purpose well, since it gives you access to plenty of feedback. You need to seek feedback about your products and services actively. You need to let the world know of our brand. You need them to see it often, to increase your visibility, attract new customers, and gain more acceptance. It is important that your communication channels are always open and responsive. This is how you build loyalty.
Use the idea of under promising and over delivering. Avoid being one of those businesses that talk big but do not know how to go about delivering on this. People like it when you surprise them with services they did not expect. It is how you get repeat business. You shall also have the best reputation in the market. This should be combined with customer care to create a great business culture that more customers wish to be part of.
You can turn your employees into the best marketers when you give them a great working environment. You shall attract and retain the best talent around. They shall become the ambassadors to your vision for the business.
These tips should help you come up with unique products and services, and also the best delivery.